Do You Know About Far Infrared Heat Therapy For Healing the Body?

My personal journey with pain: I have had a break through and wanted to share this.  To me it is miraculous.  After 5 months of being in pain, not able to sleep and not able to walk around the block, I am on my way back to functioning and looking forward to hiking and biking again.  I tried many therapies with minimal success.   A friend gave me an infrared pad to lay on when I was initially injured and it did help with getting down the inflammation and easing the pain.  I began researching and found the Bio-Mat.

It was composed of material that had a high conductors such as amethyst and tourmaline crystals. It was light weight and for me, very portable.  I listened to the many testimonials and was bowled over by the diverseness of health issues, many very serious such as cancer and heart disease.  Personal testimonials from athletes, chiropractors, cancer survivors, those with chronic fatigue, chronic pain and chronic stress. So I jumped in and I am so glad I did.  I went for my first hike today and I feel elated!  Nice to feel I am back and looking forward to my renewed body and health.  I use this in conjunction with good nutrition, and now able ease back into my stretching, beginning pilates, and more.  This has been a life changing journey for me.  But again, I found another useful self care tool to help me live a life with better quality.

Please read about the Bio-Mats as you will see what I have learned, there is a way to improve your own self care program of health and to reduce overwhelming health care costs.  Sleep well!  Listen to the Videos  To learn more go to

Fight and Flight would be the thing of the past and REST and CALM would make it a better world to communicate in. Love and Peace and Joy.

Namaste, Kate

biomat professional setThis is an FDA registered medical device that insurance should pay for to help with healing the body.  Ask your insurance carrier about this.