Colorado Healthcare Co-operate – Health Care for ALL, For Less

If you live in Colorado, sign the petition and support the referendum by Sen. Aguilar. Here Sen. Aguilar and others speak on April 20th, at the Boulder Unitarian Church, 1500 Pennsylvania, Boulder, CO 1:30 -3:30 PM.

Support The Colorado Health Care Cooperative SB13-
Sen. Aguilar will introduce a bill this session for a referendum to the voters to establish the Colorado Health Care Cooperative. Coloradans could take advantage of a section of the Affordable Care Act that allows for a state to develop its own system. The Cooperative would be a Colorado resident, member-owned-and-run health care system that would coordinate and pay for treatment by public and private providers. This simplified non-government, inclusive cooperative would enable Colorado to use health care money wisely by eliminating expensive middle-men, reducing fraud and waste, increasing coordinated treatment, and supporting local health care providers to meet the needs in their communities.  Find out how you can support this bill at: Go to this link to sign the petition in support of Colorado’s Healthcare Cooperative. Thank you.