End your carpal tunnel pain without surgery - The Montgomery method™ Back coverEnd your carpal tunnel pain without surgery - The Montgomery Method™End Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery

Author ~ Kate Montgomery’s NEW Edition of End Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery Features Methods for Children ages 5 and up. Protect your Children before they become an RSI statistic!


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Kate specializes in promoting Self Care utilizing Natural Healing and Energy Medicine Techniques (Touch For Health Instructor & Consultant) from a variety of methods studied since 1984. She endorses Self Care Products that give you the power to control your own health outcome. REV CORE PRO™  a multi-system balance training and for reestablishing vestibular balance. Bio-Mat Far Infrared Thermo Therapy System, and the All Natural Herbal Healing Balm for the restoration of injured soft tissue. All Books and products I have written and help create are for self care.

BODY MAINTENANCE 101 goes to the basics of health you were never taught in school.  It will present self care techniques in the fields of energy medicine (Touch For Health), muscle therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, balance training and now far- infrared thermo therapy.  You can effectively stimulate the Body’s immune system, restore your vestibular system with balance training, and relieve pain in your body with radiant heat all in the privacy of your home.  Self Care can cut your medical costs and increase the quality of your health and well being.  You will be empowering yourself to restore, balance and harmonize the living life force of your Body. Everyday you will do something that assists your body in maintaining a healthy balance within. This adds to your quality of life and helps to delay the aging process.

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SELF CARE AT ITS BEST!  NEW FOR CHRONIC PAIN ~  BIO-MAT FAR INFRARED RADIANT HEAT THERAPY! Schedule a session to feel its affects on your body.  Relax and feel the pain disappear in minutes and your nervous system totally relax.  An Aha moment! Amethyst and Tourmaline Crystals – natures healing gems.

biomat professional set

Do you suffer from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, musculoskeletal injuries, cancer, circulation problems, and other health issues?  Have you tried a Bio-Mat ~ far infrared radiant heat therapy?  Research from Japan, China, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia and the United States and NASA’s research for astronauts, have been using this technology to help heal the body from various health conditions. Autism and Infrared Therapy     

“I have been using it with amazing results. I have only had my Bio-Mat for 3 weeks and I am a believer.  Like many, I was injured and tried everything to relieve my pain and get back to functioning again. I have spent 5 months not being able to walk around the block without pain.  Only after a few days on the Bio-Mat, my pain dropped immediately from a 10-2.  I began sleeping through the night and waking up better than I have in months.  I feel I am on my way to healing now.  It truly has changed my life and my overall health is improving more each day.”   Kate  FIR Studies Using the Bio-Mat on Health Issues     Read more Testimonials on Healing the Body with The Bio-Mat

The Bio-Mat will revolutionize your personal healthcare and reduce your healthcare costs. Listen to what individuals, athletes, chiropractors say about the bio-mat and those who have used it to fight cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, PMS, nervous exhaustion, sports injuries, corporate stress, weight loss, for detoxification and even your pets will love the soothing radiant heat.  It is for any condition that leaves the body feeling out of balance.  For pennies a day, you can take control of your health and feel like you are doing something.  Please listen. Videos; Research;

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Hand Health ~ Self Care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/RSIKate’s ground breaking The Montgomery Method™ has helped thousands avoid unnecessary surgery. Self-Care Prevention and Body Maintenance for a life time of productivity and career longevity. Anyone/ALL OCCUPATIONS ALL SPORTS ALL HOBBIES AND ALL AGES ~ that depend on the use of the hands, should learn this program.  The Most Valuable Tool Is Your Hands.  EVERYONE who uses their hands should Invest in their Well Being.  (RSI/CTS is a 7.4 billion dollar industry. If you follow my program you do not need a surgery that in most cases is unnecessary, that only deals with the symptoms.  My book deals with the cause and teaches you a specific program of self care.)  Learn More  Private Sessions Upon Request.


Self Care for Balance Training ~ Multi-System Balance Training with the REV CORE PRO™ all in one training system. CORE Muscle – CORE Brain – CORE Balance – CORE Sensing. Experience the magical healing properties of spinning.  Frequencies have been added to the disc to enhance healing. Professional Boulder, CO Psychic, Miwa talks about what spinning on her REV has done for her. Learn More   




Health, Emotional, Nutritional and Sports Kinesiology Physical, mental and emotional trauma, learning issues – dyslexia, musculoskeletal injuries, sports – bilateral muscle imbalances and illness’s can overtime, limit our ability to remain in a state of homeostasis.  Utilizing specialized kinesiology can help to unweave blockages in all aspects of the body that hold us back from true health.  Using a holistic approach, the goal is to rebalance the body’s energies and activate the body’s intrinsic healing process so the body can better heal itself. ••• Children need regular muscle balancing to help their body’s grow bilaterally even and to help take strain off the skeletal structure. Every child involved in sports can benefit from a balanced neuromuscular system.  Learn More  Private sessions.



Consultant on Self Care, Life and Wellness Coach, Author, Touch For Health Instructor and Consultant, Professional Kinesiology Practitioner, Sports Massage Therapist, Respiratory Therapist (retired), Traditional Naturopathic Practitioner, Nutritional programs utilizing Hair Analysis and Functional Bio-Analysis for biochemical stress; Multi-System Balance Training with the REV CORE PRO™ balance disc; As an
 ERGOhealthy Coach with ERGOhealthy.com we do online ergonomic evaluations for tele-workers, tele-remote, tele-commute and in-house with a personal touch.  NEW Product ~ The Bio-Mat Radiant Heat Therapy System for Healing the Body.

Kate’s Clients Have Included…

Kate’s clients have included Olympic Athletes in the 1988, ’92 and ’96 Summer and Winter Olympic Games, and Ironman triathletes around the world.  i.e. Jamie Crow – Pro. Golfer,  Jackie Joyner Kersee – heptalon & long jump,  Bob Ctvrtlik – USA Team Volleyball, Scott Tinley – Ironman Champion, Debbie Lawrence  – Olympic Racewalker, Steve Scott – miler, Tony Allen-Cooksey – American & World Record Holder –  in the Pentathlon, 2004 Lisa Schlenker, women’s 2-person lightweight scull, Olympics, Athens, Greece. Lesley Patterson – Professional Triathlete and Coach, woman’s Pro Xterra triathlon world champion.



***Kate is an Instructor and Consultant for Touch for Health.

Touch For Health Level 1: 15 CEU’s given to Massage Therapists, RN’s, Acupuncturists and Athletic Trainers.  This is a two-day intensive class.    Class is also open to anyone who would like to learn safe and effective techniques for optimizing their own health and well being. To Register     For More Info…

Also TFH has approved CEU’s (15) for Kate’s End Carpal Tunnel Pain Progam ~ A Holistic Non-Surgical Approach. 


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