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Learn Self Care utilizing a variety of methods, from Natural Healing, Energy Medicine Techniques to Touch For Health.

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Kate Montgomery



The REV CORE PRO™ is a core training device that combines 4 multi-dimensional systems for regaining vestibular balance.

Sports Touch The Book

Sports Touch The Book

2015 Edition of Sports Touch (the Athletic Ritual) book by Kate Montgomery is available now.

2015 Edition of Sports Touch (the Athletic Ritual) is available now

Thirty years of applied scientific research with serious athletes from professional, Olympic, masters and weekend warriors.

Athletes who have discovered this ‘Secret Weapon’ have achieved incredible results.

Nov 11, 2015, 4 -7 pm
Biltmore Forest Country Club
Wellness Fair
31 Stuyvesant Rd,
Biltmore Forest, NC 28803
Featuring Sports Touch (Athletic Ritual) book debut